Loren + DJ Engagements
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Tuesday, January 07, 2020
By Angel Eyes Photography
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Say hello to one of my beautiful Fall 2020 wedding couples!  I can't wait for Loren & DJ's wedding later this year and I'm SO excited to share a few of my favorite portraits from their engagement session!  

Loren holds a special place in my heart!  Seven years ago, I photographed my very first ever senior session for her.  She was just as sweet as she is beautiful and has been a favorite of mine to work with ever since!  Whenever I have a special photo project or idea I want to try out, she's the one I call to model.  She's met me in a sunflower field, in the snow wearing a formal gown (twice), and went "retro" for a pinup beach session... we've had a ton of fun with my camera and I know the best is yet to come!  Meeting up with her & DJ for their engagement session, it was very obvious how happy these two make each other and I am so happy for them both!  

Enjoy ♥ 

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